CivImpact Labs is a behavioral science and technology organization with a civic purpose, developing innovative solutions to the growing challenges of information sharing and communication facing our society.

We work with business, public and nonprofit clients to identify and address critical information and communication problems that prevent them from having the impact they seek. We are also developing an array of valuable news, social and communication applications delivered to consumers over the web and on mobile devices.

As an example, our innovative Wallaroo Connect application transforms groups of people who know each other as passing acquaintances into rewarding sources of valuable relationships. The result is a feeling of close-knit belonging and inclusion, greater collaboration and innovation, the uncovering of common interests and genuine understanding across differences.

To do this, we combine new technology platforms with behavioral economics and psychology research, data science, and specific insights into individual and group decision-making processes. The policies, practices and tools that result from this process help our clients enhance content, engagement methods, information value and their ultimate impact on the customers, diverse audiences and communities they serve.

Another platform, Media Impact Analytics allows news and civic media organizations to measure how well the stories they publish inform their audience, avoid divisive & polarizing effects, and fulfill their goal of serving their entire community.

Most of our technology platforms and applications are devoted to preserving and promoting valuable, healthy and diverse social connection in our virtual world. As a continually-expanding portion of our professional and personal lives is being conducted online, we believe that it is vital that the technologies that mediate these interactions contribute positively to our individual and community health, actively help us avoid harmful impacts, and help address the remaining inequality of opportunity across our nation and globe.

Since 2014 we have also been analyzing the impact of nonprofit and commercial media coverage on important social, economic and political issues. We offer data, insights, innovative tools and resources that allow news and civic organizations to have a real impact on the health of our democracy — to help audiences from any part of the political spectrum become better informed about our civic challenges and more effective participants in the public discourse and political process that will determine our future as a society. We offer these groundbreaking products for media publishers, and also produce content for news consumers that is designed for measurable impact. And just as importantly, we help media organizations to uncover ways that they can create a stronger and more sustainable financial footing for themselves while carrying out their vital roles.