SaaS Platforms

CivImpact® Media Impact Analytics

CivImpact® Media Impact Analytics is a uniquely valuable SaaS analytics platform for journalism organizations and other media publishers that are interested in understanding the broader social impact of their coverage of news and civic issues.

This platform includes complementary publisher and consumer-facing web-based online software applications that provide innovative measures of how stories positively or negatively inform audiences and affect their social/political polarization — particular concerns in these challenging times. These impact metrics can be integrated with more conventional measures of reach and audience engagement, allowing publishers to balance their impact and financial sustainability goals.

CivImpact® Social Connection Platform

The CivImpact® Social Connection Platform is a customizable vehicle for facilitating social outreach and for building meaningful connection in a range of professional and community settings.

This SaaS platform supports a growing array of web-based online software applications that preserve and promote social connection, cohesion and belonging when much of the interaction within a group is virtual or hybrid — and does not take place primarily in person.

The platform and its applications are especially designed to support audiences with diverse characteristics, and to provide the ability to monitor and assess the effectiveness of those outreach efforts.