Social Impact Assessment + Strategic Advising

We advise business, public and nonprofit clients and help them to accurately identify the social impact of technologies they are developing or have brought to market.

One principal focus area of our advising is on the impact of media coverage on civic, social, economic and political issues. This advising may complement the information provided by CivImpact® SaaS tools.

More importantly, we offer organizations insights and strategic advice on how to reduce the social harms of their products and services, and how to realize the social benefits that they aim to provide to their customers and their broader community.

Market Research + Management Consulting

As a behavioral science and technology company with a civic purpose, we offer expert economic and financial analysis, survey and marketing research, and management consulting to organizations of all kinds that are developing innovative solutions to the growing challenges of information sharing and communication facing our society.

Our exceptional track record in this area helps clients better understand emerging market trends, inform product design, and uncover ways that they can create a stronger and more sustainable financial footing for themselves while carrying out their vital missions.